Sunday, May 20, 2018

Death Promise

New York psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Reiner is contacted by a woman who claims she was married to his father after his mother’s death and his father’s disappearance from his life. Tiffany Tyler asks Daniel to take charge of the girl she claims to be his half-sister. But when Daniel tries to make contact, it seems the girl has vanished.

Daniel wants to hire Michelle Hallam to help him investigate the situation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Michelle’s deceased uncle, a former British intelligence agent, operated an international "consulting firm" which she now runs. Michelle and Daniel share some past history as well as a strong physical attraction but Michelle remains wary of him. Daniel has a friendly, warm personality, and urban wit in contrast to Michelle’s outward fa├žade of cool cynicism. While searching for the missing young girl, things become complicated, involving Michelle and Daniel in a mystery, as well as romance and murder, not to mention placing their own lives in peril.

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Library Journal
Verdict:  "Romantic suspense with an interesting plot...the plot kept this reviewer turning the pages."
From Mel Jacob at Gumshoe Mystery Review:
“The romance between Daniel and Michelle is incendiary with plenty of heat. Nonetheless, they work well together to catch a killer. She struggles with wanting love and not wanting to give up her dangerous work.”
“This is a nice blend of suspense and romance with lots of action to keep the pages turning.” 
Lelia Taylor, Buried Under Books, May 2018
Jacqueline Seewald

From the author:
"DEATH PROMISE was published on May 2nd.  Needless to say, I felt a sense of accomplishment.
I had encouragement in the sense that Encircle, my publisher, found me rather than vice versa. DEATH PROMISE is a sequel to DEATH LEGACY, a novel originally published by Five Star/Cengage in hardcover and large print hardcover. The novel received excellent reviews from the major review publications such as PUBLISHERS WEEKLY and BOOKLIST among others. Harlequin Worldwide Mystery brought out a paperback edition while a different publisher opted for e-book rights. The novel proved popular with many readers. This encouraged me to write another book featuring the two main characters. Originally, I conceived of DEATH LEGACY as a stand alone romantic mystery. However, my subconscious insisted that Michelle and Daniel really needed at least one more good story.

When Five Star/Cengage dropped their mystery line, many of us who wrote mysteries for that publisher were hurt.
Although a small publisher, Encircle took on a number of us orphaned Five Star authors. Encircle has turned out to be professional to work with. They provided good editing and we worked on cover art together. Initially, there were actually three different covers, but finally one was chosen that satisfied everyone."