Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Binge reading a mystery series

When you've finished reading the most recent book in a mystery series, a series you really enjoy, have you ever wished you could read the next book right away? That you didn't have to wait several months or more to see what happens next?

I recently published the second novel in my Small Town Mystery series. But, of course, it will be next year before the third book comes out. However, my five-book Malone Mystery Series is complete. You can follow my characters from their inception in Mixed Messages through the last book, Marnie Malone. In other words, you can binge read the entire series without having to wait.

If that appeals to you, here's an overview of the series:
The Malone Mystery Series isn’t just about the mystery. It’s the story of Ann Malone Kern and her family and the struggles they face. As the series progresses, you will see Ann and the other characters change and grow as they deal with a multitude of problems and are involved in several dangerous, sometimes life-threatening, situations.