Friday, January 24, 2020

A Valentine's Day Mystery

Excerpt from Marnie Malone

"A sudden realization hit her like one of the bolts of lightning that continued to streak through the room every few minutes. Oh, my God! The gun! How could I have forgotten about it? Relief surged through her body. She was going to get through this alive! 

But she had to hurry. She knew her intruder would be back any second and she needed to be ready. She quickly turned to her left, stretched out her hands and burrowed them under Sam’s pillow, expecting to find the revolver she had hidden there. 

But she couldn’t find it. Her heart raced. Oh, my God! What if he found it while I was unconscious? 

The gun was her only hope. Without it, she was as good as dead. She pictured Sam coming home in the morning and finding her mutilated body. The word “mutilated” sent a shiver down her spine. But she knew her attacker was so full of rage he would take it out on her. It wouldn’t be an easy death. He would make sure she suffered first."

Someone is stalking Marnie.

It’s Marnie’s last week at the law firm of Cliburn & Reeves and she feels like she’s riding an emotional roller coaster. Up when she wins the divorce and custody battle for Callie Jackson against her abusive husband, Jed. And plummeting down when one witness after another decides not to testify against Mark Hall, an attorney at another Charleston firm and an “alleged” serial rapist.

Marnie receives one threat after another and she constantly feels the need to look over her shoulder, convinced that someone is stalking her. With Sam out of town on business, she’s alone in the big, old farmhouse and strange things are happening. Noises in the attic, creaking floorboards and someone watching her from the woods.

As she tries to determine the identity of the stalker, the list of men who have grudges against her grows longer each day. In her line of work she’s made enemies. Is the stalker someone from the past or one of the men on her list? And, how far will he go?