Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting to know W.S. Gager

I’d like to welcome mystery author, W.S. Gager. Wendy’s most recent addition to her Mitch Malone Mystery Series, A Case of Volatile Deeds, will be released this month. 

Patricia: Wendy, I’ve read the first three novels in your series and I’m looking forward to reading the fourth. But, tell us, what are your favorite things to do when you’re not reading or writing?
Wendy: I love photography and scrap-booking.  I’ve always like to take photos and last Christmas I received a new camera and I’m still learning all the unique features of it. We are renting a home on a lake temporarily and I have been taking the same view in all different weather and am excited to put them together and see what they look like. I have summer, fall, rainy and winter. Now I just need to wait for spring’s new green. The home faces southeast and there are some awesome sunrises.
Patricia: What’s your favorite color? Why?
Wendy: Purple. I have always liked purple. When I was in the fifth grade I was able to shop for my own school clothes. I picked out a pair of purple jeans and a matching print shirt. They were my favorites and I couldn’t wait for the start of school. It was like ninety degrees that day but I wore my long purple pants because I couldn’t wait.  I roasted but I looked good!
Patricia: How would you describe yourself, personality wise?
Wendy: I am an eternal optimist and adventurous. There are always second chances and if things don’t work out right, it is because something better will be coming along. My dad still rolls his eyes when he remembers the people I brought home in high school. It was the late seventies and my friends were some pretty scruffy characters. He was sure I would end up dead in a ditch dead from one of my adventures.
Patricia: Do you like to travel? If so, what are some of your favorite places to go and/or what was your favorite vacation?
Wendy: I love to travel and have been able to go to some wonderful places. Two years after I received my bachelor’s degree I was in a job and going nowhere. I got a second job, moved in with a friend to save every dime and then quit. I went to Europe for the summer with my roommate from college. We went to England, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and France on the dollar a day plan. A dark, warm beer counted as a meal on so many of those days. I fell in love with Paris and the southwestern Irish coast. Paris was eclectic and romantic and years of history to peak my imagination. Ireland was so many shades of green and the friendliest of all people. Each was so beautiful. I’m saving my pennies to visit our exchange student from last year in Germany so she can show us the sights. We also traveled to Ecuador for a week to visit another exchange student and that trip was incredible. This wild part of the world is so very different from everything I was used to.
Patricia: How would you complete this sentence? If I won a million dollars, I would
Wendy: write mystery books every morning and then sightsee the rest of the day in different parts of the world. (I would pay people to clean and to promote my books.) I would be poor again very quickly but it would be a grand time for as long as it lasted.

Bio:  In the past three years I have moved three times and have one more coming up in the next couple of months. In between unpacking and repacking, I write the award winning Mitch Malone Mystery Series. During the last move this summer, I was a finalist in the 2012 Daphne Du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense for A CASE OF HOMETOWN BLUES. I figure the next move will be during the launch of A CASE OF VOLATILE DEEDS in February. Prior to writing mystery books and teaching college English classes, I was a reporter for a newspaper for a dozen years. My crime beat reporter Mitch gets to really say some of the things I wish I could have. For more information, on me or Mitch, check out my revamped website or blog:,

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Blurb: A CASE OF VOLATILE DEEDS: Mitch finally got a date on a weekend instead of chasing crime, but an explosion in a high rise office building makes him stand up his date as he goes running for an exclusive.  When he investigates he learns his date is the only casualty in a botched attempt to steal from the real estate office where she works. The clues lead to city hall politics Mitch has always avoided. When city employees are killed, Mitch must unravel the local politics or a cute dog with a knack for finding dead bodies will be sniffing out his corpse--the next casualty of murder and governmental corruption.