Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Big Day Arrived Early

Well, I was all set to announce that today is the Big Day but it came two days earlier than I expected! Desperate Deeds, the third novel in my Malone mystery series (which can be read as a standalone), was just released. 
          As every author knows, the publication of a new book comes with a lot of mixed emotions. Excitement! My book is out! Relief! All the work, blood, sweat and tears have finally produced a book I can actually hold in my hands! And, apprehension. Will my book sell well? Will people like it? Will they write good reviews? Will they recommend it to their friends? So many emotions!
The first step is to get the word out about my book. If nobody knows about it, how can they order it? To do that, I’ll be posting on various online sites, I’ll tell everyone I know (hope you will too), I’ve set up a local book launch event in April where I’ll be selling and signing copies of my book and I’ve scheduled a one week long blog tour. Here’s the list with links to the blogs of the six authors who have so kindly agreed to help me promote my book.

Monday, March 31 – Marja McGraw
“Writing a Mystery Series”

Tuesday, April 1 - Marilyn Meredith
“Why I Write What I Write”

Wednesday, April 2 – Anne K. Albert
“Hooking Readers”

Thursday, April 3 - Evelyn Cullet
       “Using the Weather to Create Suspense”

Friday, April 4 – Madeline Gornell
       “The Easiest Part of Being a Writer”

Saturday, April 5 – Marilyn Levinson
       “When a Child Goes Missing”

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My publisher has temporarily reduced the ebook price of all three Malone mysteries to $2.99 each.
Links to purchase: