Sunday, December 11, 2016

"Unexpected" by Cindy Blackburn

The Cassie Baxter Mysteries: Small sleuth, tiny town, unfailing fun.
Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where the water’s growing colder, the leaves are turning orange, and Cassie Baxter is going nuts. Who wouldn’t go a little nuts with this latest unexpected development? Meet five-year-old Truman Tripp. Cassie, who is most definitely not a kid person, can’t understand why his mother left the child to her. But some even more perplexing problems soon present themselves. Expect the unexpected when Lake Elizabeth’s most unlikely duo, Cassie and Truman, team up to catch a killer. Even more important—expect to laugh.

Author Cindy Blackburn

Cindy Blackburn writes cozy mysteries because she thinks grim reality is way overrated. When she’s not thinking up unlikely plot twists or ironing out the quirks and kinks of her lovable characters, Cindy likes feeding her fat cat Betty and taking long walks with her cute hubby John. Cindy’s favorite travel destinations are all in Europe, her favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory, her favorite movie is Moonstruck, and her favorite color is purple. Cindy dislikes vacuuming, traffic, and lima beans.

Cindy writes the Cue Ball Mysteries— Playing With Poison, Double Shot, Three Odd BallsFour Play, and Five Spot. And the Cassie Baxter Mysteries—Unbelievable, with Unexpected due out any day now.

      To learn more about Cindy, I've asked her three questions. 

Patricia: When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?
Cindy: I’m a late bloomer and a little slow on the uptake. I’ve liked writing since grade school, but didn’t know I wanted to be an author until my late forties, after I finished writing my first book, Playing With Poison. Probably sometime during the writing of Double Shot I realized, gee, I guess I can keep doing this…
      Patricia: If, for some reason, you couldn’t be a writer, what profession would you choose?
Cindy: Is wealthy heiress who travels the world available? No? Well, darn. I guess I’ll stick to writing then.
Patricia: Do you have a bucket list, things you still want to do and/or places you want to visit?
Cindy: I have plenty of vague premises to continue the Cue Ball Mysteries and the Cassie Baxter Mysteries, so those 6, or 7, or 10, or 12 future books are definitely on my bucket list. The Cassie Baxter books include subplots of the most absurdly absurd sci fi stories, so I want to try my hand at getting a few of those short stories done also. And no, I have never written sci fi, but why not? As far as travel, yes! I love Europe and would like to see lots more of Great Britain, especially. Stone Henge, Wales, Yorkshire, London, Oxford—my list goes on and on!

Unexpected will be released in just a few days – in time for Christmas. And, as a bonus, Cindy is offering a $20 Amazon gift card to one lucky person who leaves a comment.
      Great news! "Unexpected" was released today. Here's the link to purchase it for 99 cents.
      Congratulations to the winner - Evelyn Cullet!