Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mystery of the Month: Ignore the Pain

Sara Almquist couldn’t say no when invited to be the epidemiologist on a public health mission to Bolivia. Soon she finds dangers lurk around every corner of the Witches’ Market and churches of La Paz as someone from her past pursues her. Unfortunately, she can’t decide which of her colleagues to trust as she learns more than she ever wanted to know about coca production, the god Tio of the silver mines of Potosí, and Bolivian politicians.

Review Blurbs: Hooray, Greger has brought Sara Almquist back in Ignore the Pain and thrust her into one danger after another in La Paz, Bolivia. Bold writing, wonderful descriptions of people and places, and heart-pounding adventure. --F. M. Meredith, author of Dangerous Impulses JL Greger creates the most intriguing characters and infuses them with purpose and quick minds. A must read! --Walter Luce, Real Estate Developer

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Janet and Bug

Bio: J.L. Greger is no longer a biology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; instead she’s putting tidbits of science into her novels. She and Bug, her Japanese Chin dog, live in the southwest. Bug is the only non-fictional character in her novels. She is the author of Coming Flu, Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight and Ignore the Pain.