Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mystery of the Month by Sunny Frazier

Set in the Central Valley of California, author Sunny Frazier once again explores the rich agricultural region, rural law enforcement and crimes shrouded by Tule fog in WHERE ANGELS FEAR, the sequel to FOOLS RUSH IN

Amateur astrologer Christy Bristol finds herself on the fringes of Kearny society and a members-only sex club as she reluctantly takes on a missing person case. Prominent business man Avery Anders has disappeared and his wife cannot go to the authorities. When the man's horoscope reveals an affair and mortal danger, she enlists Christy to do an investigation. 

Christy's day job with the local sheriff's department is on the line as her investigation crosses paths with several homicide cases and surly Detective Kerwin. Could the cases be connected?

Aided by best friend Lennie Watkins, the women find themselves on a treacherous trail that leads to the Veterans Hospital, a sex-specialty clothing store, mansions of the rich, and even touches on the Viet Nam War. With only a prescription bottle and matchbook as clues, the young woman must face the Knights of Sensani and her own sexual limitations. 

Christy Bristol must go WHERE ANGELS FEAR to tread. 
Sunny Frazier is a Navy veteran, former newspaper reporter and a confidential secretary for an undercover narcotics team with the Fresno County Sheriff's Department.. After 17 years in law enforcement, she began writing the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries. Based in the San Joaquin Valley of California, the novels are inspired by real cases and 40 years of casting horoscopes.
She is also acquisitions editor for Oak Tree Press.

The first novel in the Christy Bristol mystery series:  

Look for A SNITCH IN TIME, the third novel in the Christy Bristol mystery series. Coming soon!