Sunday, February 15, 2015

What's Next?

A couple of weeks ago, I finished writing Mistaken Identity, the fourth book in my Malone mystery series, and I did the dance of joy! I was so excited that I even announced it on Facebook. What a great feeling it was to type “The End.” 

Months and months of writing, researching and rewriting had come to an end. I put the book aside and focused on getting some other things done, things I’d neglected while I was finishing the book. Then, it was time to go back in to read the book all the way through and to do my final editing. A couple of days ago, I sent the manuscript and the synopsis to my publisher. And, once again, I did my happy dance.

So, what’s next? Well, my editor will read the book and we’ll set up an appointment to get together to go over her suggested edits. (I’m very fortunate to have a local publisher and editor.) After that, I’ll make any necessary changes, send the completed manuscript to my publisher and we’ll work on putting together the cover. Once all of that is completed, I’ll wait until he gives me a publication date, sometime late Spring or early Summer, so that I can set up a book launch event, etc.

I know it sounds like I’ll have some time off while I wait but I won’t. Because writers are always writing even when they're not sitting at their computers. Before long, it will be time to start working on my fifth book. (I'm already starting to come up with ideas.) That’s one of the things I love about writing a series. I’m always eager to see what will happen to my characters next.