Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Mystery of Love

Lawrence, one of the characters in my Malone mystery series, is a true romantic. He’s sixty-two years old and, so far, he’s been unlucky in love. But, despite some misguided attempts, he’s determined to find the woman of his dreams. Will Lawrence find love?

From Mixed Messages:

Then Ann saw it: a white envelope with her name and address typed on it. As usual, it had no stamp and no return address. She opened the flap of the envelope and pulled out the sheet of white paper. She sighed. Another love poem from Lawrence, she thought. She quickly unfolded the paper and read the short poem.
“I see in your face
such beauty, such grace.
My heart wants you so.
I need you to know.”

From Unfinished Business:

Lawrence untied the ribbon and read a couple of the letters. The ink was so faint that he had to strain to read them. In the letters, his great-grandmother wrote about her daily life and what was going on in the lives of their children and the people they knew but, as he read the last paragraph of the second letter, a tear formed in the corner of his eye. 

“It will not be Christmas this year without you, my love. As I prepare dinner for our children and try to achieve some festivity for their sakes, in my heart, I see you on the battlefield, serving our great cause. You are so brave! I pray for your safe return and that we will spend our next Christmas together. I miss you and love you with every fiber of my being. With all my love, Frieda.”

His eyes were getting heavy; it was time to go to bed. He gently placed the uniform, saber and stack of letters back in the trunk and closed the lid. Oh, what I wouldn’t give, he thought, to have a woman who loved me “with every fiber of my being.” Maybe I will; maybe Angie and I will get together and fall in love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!