5-Star Amazon Review for “Mixed Messages”

"Fans of Mary Higgins Clark will greet this novel with enthusiasm. Like Clark in her early classic mystery/suspense novel A Stranger Is Watching, Gligor creates a frightening world for a sympathetic protagonist. Ann Kern, loving wife and mother, is surrounded by threats. Her husband, an alcoholic and a gambler, is emotionally unstable. There is also a serial killer on the prowl on the west side of Cincinnati and it appears that Ann is intended to be his next victim. There are a number of possible suspects. Author Gligor thoroughly develops each character in the novel, going into back stories, thoughts, behavior and actions. But this does not slow the plot which develops at a fast pace. Definitely a novel the reader will not put down until the final words are read."
Jacqueline Seewald, author of Death Legacy

5-Star Amazon Review for “Unfinished Business”

"As a cozy mystery writer--and reader--I tend to shy away from suspense/terror. You might say I've become sissified over the years. However . . . I do make exceptions, and Unfinished Business is one of those. While many suspense authors indulge in a shock fest of over the top violence, Gligor takes the time to build the suspense, psychological rather than gut-wrenching. Like a classic Hitchcock film, the fear-turned-to terror mounts. All the while we empathize with the main character's plight. In the midst of this cozily familiar holiday, something is very wrong. Despite my trepidation, I braved on, reading to the end because I had to know what happened to Ann. Although I kept the lights on that night, it was worth it!" 
Sharon L. Cook, author of A Nose for Hanky Panky

5-Star Amazon Review for “Desperate Deeds”

"Desperate Deeds by Patricia Gligor had me on the edge of my seat almost from the beginning of the book. Suspects stacked up for a future event and character development kept me reading.

A young girl is missing. Ann Kern is starting a new business, and her husband, David, is struggling with alcoholism. A neighbor seems to be struggling to get through each day. People are acting strangely. And then the unthinkable happens. The Kerns’ son disappears without a trace. The suspects are numerous.

Ms. Gligor created suspense throughout the story, even when small incidents are touched on. The book will keep you guessing.
I highly recommend this story for those who love to solve a puzzle and who love a good mystery. Significant issues are touched upon and I found myself nodding during parts of the story, agreeing with the characters’ opinions.

I’ll be waiting for the next Malone Mystery."
Marja McGraw, author of The Bogey Man and the Sandi Webster Mystery series

5-Star Amazon Review for "Mistaken Identity"

"I waited to read Patricia Gligor's latest because having read her previous Malone mysteries, thought I'd enjoy, and I wanted the perfect time so I could read right through without interruption. Sorry I waited! Really liked the sister-sister interaction which was very nicely done, with affection, concern, minor conflict, and built upon their past. And the addition of Clara made the story even more enjoyable. I like unique and strong supporting characters, and Clara was just wonderful! The three crime-solving ladies made a great team, and I enjoyed going along on their crime solving adventure. The location definitely takes you away, and it was also very enjoyable sightseeing with Ann, Marnie, Clara and Davey and Danielle. Made me want to visit. Recommended reading if you want to take a nice trip with some delightful characters to lovely Fripp Island. As for the mystery part, hard to put down once started--you definitely want to figure out who did it!"

M.M. Gornell, author of Rhodes The Mojave-Stone  

5 Star Amazon Review for "Marnie Malone"

"Marnie Malone is a suspenseful mystery that has you worrying for the protagonist while it keeps you turning pages. The characterizations are wonderfully done. So many suspects and so little time... until the gripping climax. Very well done. I highly recommend this novel."
Evelyn Cullet, author of The Tarkington Treasure

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