Sunday, November 3, 2013

Best of Mystery/Suspense Novels

Like most writers, I'm an avid reader. Whenever I'm waiting in line at the grocery store, I pass the time by reading everything from the cashier's name tag to the names of candy bars and other products placed near the registers so that customers will make impulsive buys. Other than the occasional candy bar (okay, more than occasional), I'm not tempted to buy any of their gadgets; I just read their names. I read at the dentist's office, I read at stop lights, everywhere. And, although I do sometimes read a magazine article or a non-fiction book (mostly for research for my books), by far, the majority of my reading is fiction. Make that Mystery/Suspense novels.

In the past couple of years, I've read some wonderful books by small press authors. As a small press author myself, I realize how hard it is for us to get publicity. The authors published by the Big Guys get all kinds of press. And, they often get to go on tours across the country to promote their books. Some even advertise on TV. Needless to say, that kind of publicity takes some bucks, money that small presses simply don't have. It's quite a dilemma for small press authors. So, what's the answer?

It's called "shameless self-promotion" and we small press authors, whether we're comfortable tooting our own horn or not, MUST do it if we want anyone, other than our closest friends and family members, to read our books. Which brings me to the purpose of this post. To acquaint my blog readers with the list I've created on Shelfari: Best of Mystery/Suspense Novels published by small presses.Yes, my two books are on the list. See what I mean about shameless self-promotion? But, seriously, every time I read a book by a small press author that I really enjoy, I add it to the list. So, if you're looking for a good mystery, look no further.

I sincerely hope you'll check out the list and, if you like what you see, that you'll click the "Recommend" button on the site and tell your friends about it. If you haven't joined Shelfari yet, it's a very simple process and I know you'll be glad you did. Here's the link:

Happy Reading!