Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mystery of the Month, "Murder's Last Resort"

Welcome to the Sapphire Silver Pines Orlando Resort where guests are checking out--permanently. The tidy world of sophisticated dinners and turn-down treats turns topsy-turvy for Maya French, the manager's wife, when other Sapphire executives turn up as dead as a polished doorknob. Maya dodges bullets--literally--and police suspicion as she hunts for the killer. The fun beaches of Florida turn deadly with this atmospheric cozy. —Sally Carpenter, author of The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper
“…smart, funny, tough and sparkles with insight. She has created one of the best heroines of mystery to come along in decades. The unstoppable, unsinkable, unpredictable Maya French is the bastard literary child of Agatha Christie and Lt. Colombo.” –Kinky Friedman 

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Marta Chausée is a Southern California author, poet, playwright and artist.  Women lead sequential lives and Marta is no exception. She has been many things-- junk mail envelope stuffer, foreign language teaching assistant, boutique owner, forensic document examiner, corporate wife, mother, mental health therapist and life coach.  She brings these experiences and her skewed take on life to her creative expression.

Her first full-length novel, Murder's Last Resort, available in paperback and Kindle on was a winner in the 2011 Dark Oak Mystery contest and her creative non-fiction and poetry have won various awards.  She has been published in Carnival Literary Magazine, Left Coast Literary Review, MoSAiC Literary Review, Internal Family Systems newsletter, Trauma Intervention Program newsletter and The Lowry News in Denver.

Marta is a wanderer with a long history of foolhardy adventures.  She has slept in the luggage rack of a train compartment from Gibraltar to Madrid, and once crossed the Sahara in a beat down, rusty old Jeep with three friends and fifteen crazed Moroccans. Three years ago, she explored the streets of Alexandria, alone and happy, for twelve hours.  These days, she takes long walks, longer bike rides and dances through her life.