Sunday, November 13, 2016

Five reasons to give books for Christmas

“Black Friday,” the busiest shopping day of the year, will arrive next week. Whether you enjoy braving the crowds or prefer to stay home that day, the holiday shopping season will have officially begun. 
Are you struggling to come up with just the right gift for each person on your shopping list? In the interest of offering a suggestion, let me ask you another question: Is someone on your list a reader? If so, here are a few reasons to give that person a book – or books – for Christmas.
  • Readers (including myself) love nothing more than getting a book as a gift. Trust me on this one; they will be very happy and appreciative.
  • Books last forever, unlike an article of clothing that will eventually wear out. The book you bought will be placed on a bookshelf, a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness. 
  • You get a lot of bang for your buck. Most books aren’t expensive, especially when you consider the hours of pleasure a book offers a reader.
  • There are thousands of books in different genres out there, which means you can choose the type of book each person likes to read. Some people are mystery lovers. Others read romance, etc. By tailoring your choices to their individual preferences you’re showing them that you put thought (and love) into your gift.
  •  You’ll be providing someone with hours of escape and entertainment and, let’s face it, that’s something most of us could use these days.
I hope I’ve convinced you to consider giving books as gifts for Christmas. Most titles are available on Amazon and other online sites and/or can be ordered through your local bookstore. And, who knows, while you’re searching for a gift, you might just find a book you want to read.