Sunday, May 1, 2016

No time to read?

I’ve always been an avid reader but I’ve found that, through the years, my reading habits have changed. When I was a little girl and a teenager, I used to start a book and, if it drew me in, I’d read every spare minute until I’d finished it – day and/or night. I haven’t done that for many years because some things changed.

I became an adult with lots of other responsibilities. There was housework, job, family; you know what I’m talking about. But I loved to read so I had to figure out a way to get my reading time into every day. Now, I read in bed each night before I go to sleep. As a matter-of-fact, I can’t go to sleep until I’ve read for at least an hour or so. Believe me, there are many nights when I don’t want to close the book I’m reading but, when I find myself reading the same sentence three times, I know I have no choice. That’s the kind of reader I am.

But, there are different kinds of readers. Several people have told me that they don’t have time to read; they’re too busy. Others have said they suffer from eyestrain by the end of the day because their jobs require spending extensive time on the computer and reading business related material. They say the only time they read is when they go on vacation. They read on planes and/or by the pool, which is something all readers seem to have in common. We wouldn’t dream of leaving home without a book; it’s as important to us as bringing our toothbrushes!

Well, vacation time is drawing near. Soon, people will head for various destinations for the three R’s: rest, relaxation and reading and they’re going to want to have a good book to take with them. My  Malone mystery, Mistaken Identity, would love to go with you. (Although it's the fourth book in the series, each book may be read as a standalone.)

Here’s a brief synopsis and the link where you can order it in Kindle or paper formats.

Ann feels like she’s in Paradise as she digs her toes into the soft, white sand and gazes out at the ocean. She’s looked forward to this trip to South Carolina for a long time and all she wants to do is bask in the sun, resting and relaxing.

She and her two young children are enjoying their time on Fripp Island with Ann’s sister, Marnie, and Marnie’s elderly friend and former neighbor, Clara Brunner, a long time resident with a vast knowledge of the island and the people who live there. At the fourth of July fireworks, Clara introduces them to newlyweds Jenny and Mark Hall and their families.

But Ann’s plans for a peaceful vacation are shattered the next morning. When she goes for a solitary walk on the beach, she discovers the body of a young woman with the chain of a gold locket twisted around her neck and she immediately recognizes the locket as the one Jenny Hall was wearing the night before.

Shocked and saddened, Ann is determined to try to find the killer and to see them brought to justice. She convinces Marnie and Clara to join her in conducting an investigation but, in the process, she places her own life in jeopardy.

Happy Reading!