Monday, December 3, 2012

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Joining us today is Rionna Morgan. Growing up out West, Rionna Morgan followed her love of horses to the rodeo arena and her love of English to the classroom and to writing. She has been looking forward to sharing her stories with you her whole life. Rionna is a founding member of Montana Romance Writers; she reads as much as she can possibly hold, and she loves most of all combining the chilling edge of a knife with the sweet surrender of romance. Rionna shares her home in Missoula, Montana with her husband, her four children and the mountains outside her window.
I have asked Rionna to share with us the way she created a character in Love’s Justice. How was the character developed? How did the character change and grow?
This is what she shared:
Justin Breslow is the hero of Love’s Justice. He came to life to me in a way that was like a flash from a movie. I knew he needed to be strong and motivated, but highly conflicted. I wanted him to believe that what he grew up knowing about his father and the people around his father was true. So that when it became twisted and unsure, he would suffer. He would suffer to the point of vengeance. Then he would need to find Sarah, the only one still alive upon which he could purge his suffering. He would also need to love Sarah. Not with the quick I’m-in-love-with-you glance, but the love that travels through generations. The love that justice brings. In Love’s Justice, Justin does suffer. He does find Sarah. His greatest struggle is to look past the hate and anger he feels, to find a way to forgive and find a way to have her forgive him.
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Sarah Johnson is a profiler in Portland, Oregon. She thinks she has successfully moved beyond the pain of her mother’s death 15 years ago. Her mother, a Pulitzer Prize winning writer, died in an Alabama women’s prison while on an undercover assignment. However, when Justin Breslow shows up at her office claiming to be an investigative reporter from Dallas wanting to do a feature on her mother, Sarah realizes the pain has just been dormant. She agrees to work with Justin; she’s always wanted to retrace her mother’s final days, but she has no intention of sharing family secrets with a perfect stranger. Sarah and Justin unravel a plot more complex and sinister than they expected. They pursue a trail of deceit and corruption to a women’s prison in Alabama, a centuries old hotel in Georgia and a family ranch in Texas. Nothing is simple or as it seems. Along the way, Sarah tries not to fall for Justin’s Southern charm, and Justin fights to resist Sarah’s beauty and sharp intellect. This unlikely duo will find more than they ever hoped to—in the prison, in their own backyards, and in each other’s arms. Whether they survive to enjoy their discoveries is the final mystery.  
An Excerpt from Love's Justice “What if I didn’t go as a snoopy reporter?” Justin closed the small space, successfully trapping Sarah between the refrigerator and the counter. “And just went as a man?” With a smooth shift of his body, he slid into an amazing fit against her. Sarah drew in a quick breath. The air-cooled kitchen suddenly became a furnace. His hands gripped the counter on either side of her. His face was so close she could see her reflection in his eyes. “That is exactly what I don’t need.” “Don’t need, but maybe want?” Justin moved closer. Their lips were just a breath apart. “Don’t,” Sarah breathed. Her heart rapped hard in her chest. Justin smiled, enjoying watching her eyes cloud to darkness. This was going to be easy. “Don’t what.” His lips brushed hers. “Tell me. Don’t what?” Sarah fisted her hands in his shirt. To pull him closer or push him away, she wasn’t exactly sure. Panic and need and she didn’t know what all, tumbled around in her stomach. Instead of taking the time to decipher what to do, she just acted and tugged him to her. He caught her bottom lip, soft and warm, between his teeth. He felt her body give against his. He savored the taste of her, the warmth. “I’m going with you,” he whispered against her lips. She nodded her head, but his words never registered. My plan is working perfectly, he thought as he pulled her deeper into the kiss. Below are ways to catch up with Rionna. Drop on by…she loves the company!
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  1. Rionna,
    I'm sure we'll be "seeing" a lot of each other today because you're here and I'm featured on your blog. This should be fun!

    1. I know! How fun! This will be great! Thank you for welcoming me here today!

      :) Rionna

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Marilyn! Hope you're having a great time on the tour!


  3. Your storyline sounds fascinating, and I get the feeling you had to do a lot of research for this book. Can't wait to read it!
    Marja McGraw

  4. Marja,

    I did do quite a bit of research. I love research. Probably did way more than was necessary. But I think sometimes even a word or a sentence can go a long way towards the believability of the story.

    Thank you for stopping in! I love chatting books.

    Smiles from Montana!

  5. I really enjoyed the excerpt, Rionna. Plus, your author tagline "Romantic suspense as big as Montana" speaks volumes. Love it!

  6. I think being a founding member of Montana Romance Writers is quite an accomplishment! Good for you. Love your phrase "love that travels through generations"!


  7. Great excerpt, Rionna, with the right touch of romance and promise.