Sunday, April 27, 2014

Getting to know Jennet Ferguson

I’d like to welcome Jennet Ferguson, the main character in Dorothy Bodoin’s Foxglove Corners mystery series.

Patricia: Jennet, where did you grow up and where do you live now?    

Jennet: I grew up in Oakpoint, Michigan, a city in the southeastern part of the state with a population of about 60,000.  Now I live in Foxglove Corners, an hour’s drive from Oakpoint.  Foxglove Corners is a magical place, very rural, with woods and lakes and more than its share of haunted houses.  I live in a green Victorian farmhouse on ten acres with my husband, Crane, and six collies: Halley, Candy, Sky, Gemmy, Raven, and Misty 

Patricia: What’s your occupation and how did you come to choose it?

Jennet: I teach English in Marston High School which is located in Oakpoint.  That means I have an hour-long commute, but I car pool with my good friend and fellow teacher, Leonora.  I sort of drifted into teaching.  English was my favorite subject in school.  I thought my classes would be like the ones I’d attended as a student.  I was wrong.  Teaching can be a real challenge, but it adds an exciting dimension to my life.  Sometimes it adds danger.

I love collies.  When I first moved to Foxglove Corners, I had one tricolor collie (black, tan, and white), Halley.  I always seemed to come across collies in distress and finally joined the Lakeville Collie Rescue League.  Often I become involved in mysteries and crimes as a result of rescuing a collie.  Since moving to Foxglove Corners, I’ve had several supernatural experiences.  Recently I started writing a book about them but had to set it aside when I ran out of material.  Maybe someday I’ll leave education to become a full-time writer.

Patricia: Tell us about one of your most memorable “adventures.” What drew you into the mystery?       

Jennet: One of my hobbies is reading, and my passion is reading Gothic novels.  Naturally one of my special friends is the town’s librarian, Miss Elizabeth Eidt, who donated her family home to the town as a library.  During a renovation, contractors discovered a furnished room sealed off from the rest of the house.  Miss Eidt, who was raised in the house, never knew it existed.  Jennet is curious, especially when it appears that the room is haunted.  I refer to this adventure as “The Secret Room of Eidt House.”

Patricia: Are you married or involved in a serious relationship? Tell us about that.        

Jennet: My move to Foxglove Corners was a lucky one for me.  On my first full day in Foxglove Corners, I met Deputy Sheriff Crane Ferguson, and it was practically love at first sight.  We’re married now, and I’ve never been happier.  Anyone would think I wouldn’t risk my life by getting involved in mysteries.  Well, I never set out to do that.  It just happens.

Patricia: How would you describe yourself, physically and personality wise? How do you think others see you?    

Jennet: I’m of average height with shoulder length dark brown hair and bangs.  I’m on the thin side and usually don’t gain weight even though it seems as if I’m always eating some rich dessert.  Sort of like my creator, except she does gain weight.  I’m generally easy going; I try to cultivate a calm exterior which helps me cope with rebellions teenagers.  But if I encounter someone who hurts a dog—watch out. 

Patricia: What are your plans for the future?

Jennet: I’ve often talked about leaving Marston High School, but I don’t do it.  I’m attached to the staff, with the exception of the Principal Grimsley who is a thorn in my side, and to the classes I teach, especially Journalism.  I suppose I’ll continue my life as it is now and maybe finish that writing project that I call my “spirit book”.  Maybe the next time mystery rears its head, I’ll try to look the other way.  In my latest adventure, I faced down a gun on two occasions.  But in neither of those instances did I court danger.  It came to me.

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Dorothy Bodoin, a full time writer of mystery and romantic suspense novels, lives in Royal Oak, Michigan, with her collie, Kinder, who provides plenty of inspiration for the fictitious collies in her books.  Prior to attending Oakland University where she majored in English, Dorothy worked for two years as a secretary in southern Italy for Chrysler Missile Corporation.  
After earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English, she taught high school English for several years and wrote short stories and one Gothic novel, Treasure at Trail’s End, later published by Wings ePress.  Her first published work was Darkness at Foxglove Corners, the first in the Foxglove Corners Cozy Mystery Series.  Dorothy is also the author of five novels of romantic suspense which were recently reprinted for the Harlequin Worldwide Mystery Bookclub.


  1. This was a neat interview! Jennet seems like an interesting character. Thank you for sharing and good luck with your novels :-)

  2. What a fun idea! Foxglove Corners sounds like a wonderful place to live and I would love to read these mysteries now!

  3. Hi Jennet! I'm a huge fan of yours and I've read all your adventures. Can't wait until your new adventure comes out on June 1. :) That Dorothy Bodoin does a fantastic job of recording your many exciting stories and the way you solve huge mysteries. Can't wait for the next one. :)

  4. This is an awesome series, Jennet! I love reading about your life and its ups and downs. Thank you for sharing a little about your life in Foxglove Corners!
    Marja McGraw