Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mystery of the Month: Hunter's Moon

The wealthiest family in the Canaan Valley has several problems, which its members handle using discretion—or maybe secrecy is a better word.  But when one of their members is murdered, their secrets are revealed as sisters Andrea and Kathleen help Sheriff Ward Sterling investigate the murder.

The sisters feel it’s especially important to figure out who the murderer is, since their friend, Deputy Willard Hill, is the prime suspect. They know Willard couldn’t possibly be guilty, but finding out who is turns out to be difficult. Several people will profit from the death, and there are a few more who had reasons to dislike the deceased.

In spite of a serious threat from the murderer, Andrea and Kathleen persist, hunting for hidden diaries, reviewing security camera records, and interviewing members of the family.  Their friend Willard is scheduled to marry one of the daughters of this wealthy family, but the wedding has been postponed until the murder is solved. The sisters want Willard to be cleared so the wedding can proceed as planned. More important, they must solve the case before the killer silences them.

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Helen Haught Fanick grew up in West Virginia and now lives in Texas, and both states provide settings for her novels. Her interests are wide-ranging, and her work includes cozy mysteries, suspense novels, a World War II espionage novel, and short stories, all available through Amazon for Kindle. The novels are also available in paperback.
A short story impressed Helen’s fifth grade teacher, and she’s been writing ever since. She has won several local and state awards and two national awards in the Writer’s Digest Competition. Moon Signs was a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. She’s a graduate of The University of Texas at San Antonio and lives in San Antonio with her husband.


  1. Thanks, Pat. I appreciate the feature!

    1. Helen, I'm pleased to have you with us this week. I absolutely love your "Moon" series!

  2. This sounds like a book I'd enjoy. Thank you for sharing!
    Marja McGraw