Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mystery in history - New Release: Guns of the Texas Ranger

When Texas Ranger Ygnacio (“Nacho”) Ybarra slips across the border into Mexico, he is surprised by bandits and taken to confront an old acquaintance, Pancho Villa. The revolutionary leader charges Nacho to assist in corralling a rogue outlaw, Chulo Valdez. But that bandit lures Nacho into an attack on his own Ranger Company.

Guns of the Texas Ranger, volume one in the Border Trilogy, is a tale of Rangers Whitey Wilson and Red Regan and the girl they both love. And their search justice during the border wars, when only a small Ranger Company stands in the way of bandit raids. And how Ranger Nacho Ybarra prevented a war.
From the author: 
My novel started out as a mystery but it got carried away into action. Indeed there is a mystery - who shot the lieutenant that Nacho's son-in-law is accused of shooting? Nacho must find the real killer to save his son-in-law from the firing squad. But that all takes a back seat to Nacho's run-in with Pancho Villa and the bandit Chulo Valdez and plans to invade Texas.
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 Dac Crossley

I grew up on a lonely road outside the lonely little town of Kingsville, Texas. I roamed the brush country and enjoyed the seasonal changes in scrub and animals, horned toads and red ants. Learned to hunt and fish with friends from the King Ranch, where I enjoyed Hispanic culture. I’m steeped in Texas history and traditions from my old pioneer family.

My genre is historic fiction set in South Texas, where the old west persisted into the 1920’s with undeclared border wars and Mexican bandits.  My grandfather fought bandits, his father fought Indians.  I grew up with sons of Texas Rangers and spent hours listening to their fathers.  I am well versed in South Texas history and culture.  I enjoy bringing that history and background to life in my fiction.  My settings are real and my characters drawn from experience.

I write about tales from my childhood, of Texas Rangers and Mexican bandits, fast horses and quick pistols, sheriffs and posses, lost trails and trains, and señoritas and Buffalo Gals. Of that arid land between the Nueces and the Rio Grande, where trees and women have thorns, and water is good to find.

Dac is offering a copy of his novel to one lucky person who leaves a comment! 
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  1. I truly enjoy Dac's Texas Ranger books and look forward to more. Action and mystery aren't always that far apart, and this series keeps me motivated to keep reading. Great job, Dac!
    Marja McGraw

  2. Dac forgot to say that he grew up to be a first-rate scientist, working with mites, a fascinating, important, and under-appreciated group of critters!

  3. Smiling over that line, where trees and women have thorns. :)