Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mystery of the Month: A Snitch In Time

When sheriff's department office assistant Christy Bristol takes a long weekend to visit her friend, Lennie, in the Sierra Nevada foothills, it's not the vacation she anticipated. A murder has just occurred and Christy is conscripted by the homicide team to handle the reports. To add to her frustration, she gets in a fight with Lennie over her friend's arrogant boyfriend and has no place to stay. The detectives put her up in a forest ranger's cabin while he is away fighting fires.

As the body count grows it becomes apparent the killer is targeting undesirables in the town of Burlap. One of the victim's girlfriends calls Christy and accuses a deputy of the murders. Christy doesn't know whether to believe the snitch or not. Could a killer be hiding behind his badge?

The ranger returns to his cabin only to find he has a roommate. Things get a little too cozy, especially when Christy's boyfriend shows up unexpectedly. The solution? Solve the case before her life gets any more complicated. Using astrology, Christy casts a reverse horoscope to profile the killer but puts her own future at risk. 

And time is running out.

Navy Vet Sunny Frazier trained as a journalist and wrote for a city newspaper, military and law enforcement publications. After working 17 years with the Fresno Sheriff's Department, 11 spent as Girl Friday with an undercover narcotics team, it dawned on her that mystery writing was her real calling. Both “Fools Rush In” and “Where Angels Fear” are based on actual cases with a bit of astrology, a habit Frazier has developed over the past 42 years. The most recent novel, “A Snitch In Time” is based on one of the small towns in the Sierra Nevada foothills under the Sheriff's Department's jurisdiction.

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  1. I've read "A Snitch in Time" and highly recommend it. Great mystery with wonderful characters. Sometimes taking a vacation is more work than it's worth.

  2. Yeah, I've had nightmare vacations too. A cruise where I got caught in a hurricane. I think Sunny has too (food poisoning or something). This bad vacation was handled well in the book. It was hard to put down.

  3. Have my copy, haven't read yet, but looking forward. I know Sunny's latest will be good!

  4. Yes, Marja and Linda, vacations can definitely be "a trip." Ha!

    1. It was definitely a trip in this book and you had a band of characters (some from your prior books) who helped the plot along, some making the ride fun.

  5. I started to read it, love it so far--and knowing Sunny's superb mystery sense, it will be relished when I can get back to it.

  6. Congrats on your book, Sunny. Plot sounds intriguing.

  7. I look forward to reading A Snitch in Time. If it's like the first two in the series, it'll be fun.

  8. A Snitch is here, on my Kindle, and I'll get to it ASAP! Great to see you at the top of Pat's list, Sunny!

  9. This sounds like a really fun to read series. It's definitely going on my TBR list. Love your website, BTW.